About Great Ukraine

On February 24th, 2022 Russia invaded an independent and sovereign country: Ukraine. My life and the lives of all Ukrainians forever changed and just like thousands I knew I had to help. I contacted my cousin in Kyiv and asked if he knew anyone who was helping to evacuate the most vulnerable... and that is how The Great Ukraine was born. I was able to get in touch with a man named Alex Voronin, who along with some friends was bravely evacuating people on his own. I knew that with some support and funding we could grow what they were doing and help thousands. Using my savings I started buying vans and medical essentials for our group. Alex's team would pick up the vans and together with a team I found we would setup the logistics to make sure we would be able to get people out safely.

Since then our operation has expanded and we now have 5 vans, 1 bus, 1 ambulance. We have 50 experienced drivers ready 24/7, a team of 25 who setup the requests from Ukrainians needing assistance. We delivery medication, medical supplies and food daily to the most in need areas. We are a grassroots organization and we are run and operated by Ukrainians along with the help of very kind American, European contacts.

We have partnered with Airbnb and are now able to offer Ukrainian citizens a 30 day voucher to live anywhere in Europe. I receive emails everyday from hospitals and mayors in Ukraine with a list of the urgent supplies they require. We source what we can and move it to the front lines ourselves, but of course it is very difficult without more financial assistance.

We have successfully evacuated over 20000 people with our own vehicles and escort groups. This includes women, children, elderly, wounded and large groups of orphans. We have delivered more than 1500 tons of food and medical supplies. We recently evacuated 380 people from Mariupol. We have done all of this with our own money, hard work and very little sleep.

Where the Money Goes

Meals Served

People Provided with Humanitarian Aid

88 829
Tons of Aid Delivered

Tons of Aid, Provisions Delivered

1 065,95
People & Animals Evacuated

People & Animals Evacuated

20 194

How to Help

100% of every dollar you donate goes to providing aid for the most vulnerable Ukrainian citizens. When this war is over we will continue to help Ukraine, we will rebuild and we will make it even better. We will be Great Ukraine!